Scar Revision

Stretch marks can result from several different situations, including puberty, pregnancy and drastic weight gain. Stretch marks can be unsightly and unfortunately do not go away with weight loss or improved muscle tone. Various topical treatments are available, but their efficacy and consistency are far from being guaranteed. Procedures are also available, but when simple treatments fail to provide the reduction the appearance of stretch marks, many patients turn to laser revision or surgery.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

One form of stretch mark revision is laser removal. Laser revision uses a laser to safely remove thin layers of skin from around stretch marks. The high-energy ultraviolet light of the laser disrupts the molecular bonds in the skin tissue, thereby breaking down the tissue, a process called “ablation”.

Once complete, the treated area heals quickly with new layers of healthy, smoother skin. Stretch marks will have disappeared, and a renewed, healthy appearance will be present. Several treatments may be necessary for optimal results, but the procedure is effective and has a high rate of client satisfaction. It is safe with minimal potential for injury or infection.