TightSculpt Body Contouring

What is TightLase Skin Tightening?

TightLase is a revolutionary new method of body contouring that works by tightening loose skin and erasing stubborn areas of cellulite. TightLase uses dual-wavelength laser technology to heat and shrink small to moderate areas of fatty tissue under the skin. This then produces a smooth, more slender and youthful appearance to the skin. Although it can be applied to various places on the body, it is most often performed on the abdomen, thighs, knees, arms, and face. It is non-ablative, meaning it works without damaging the surface of the skin. It’s like liposuction without the risks, trauma and downtime of surgery!

Who is a Good Candidate for TightLase?

Any adult in general good health who wants to tighten areas of sagging skin, improve the uneven and unsightly appear of cellulite and reduce excess fat are likely great candidates for TightLase. Some medical conditions may require special considerations, but during your consultation, our experienced team here at Miracle Hills Primary Care will be happy to evaluate your medical history, medications and skincare needs to determine the best treatment for you.

What Can I Expect from TightLase?

Three to five treatments of TightLase is fairly typical. Final results may be noticeable as soon as after the first treatment, but optimal outcomes may take a few sessions. Our clients love TightLase for the results as well as the fact that there is no downtime! The treated areas may be slightly red and feel like a sunburn, but this will usually resolve the following day, allowing you to simply enjoy your new smooth and youthful looking skin!



What is TightSculpt Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the body’s shape by reducing the signs of stubborn body fat and cellulite in areas such as the abdomen, sides, thighs and back.

TightSculpt body contouring works differently than the popular Coolsculpting by using heat instead of cold to dissolve fat cells and thereby smoothing out and tightening the surface of the skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for TightSculpt?

Any adult in general good health who is tired of stubborn areas of cellulite or sagging skin is a good candidate for TightSculpt. Even after a significant weight loss, areas of saggy skin or cellulite can remain, frustrating those who have worked so hard to achieve a more slender body profile.

What Can I Expect from TightSculpting?

TightSculpting actually involves two treatments in one to produce optimal outcomes. The first treatment uses a laser that stimulates the breakdown of fat cells. Each area takes approximately 15 minutes to treat. Once the first step is down, the second laser tightens the skin by stimulating collagen, the substance that is responsible for elasticity in the skin. This second part only takes about five minutes. Discomfort is minimal, often described as a quick pinch or intense heat, but under the care of an experienced technician, the laser will not not stay in one spot for too long, so it should not burn or hurt.

Results are noticeable immediately after a single session, however, most clients require 3 to 5 sessions with about one month in between. Maintenance treatments may be recommended once or twice a year. TightSculpting rejuvenates the skin while reducing hard to treat cellulite underneath the skin.

If you are interested in learning more about what TightSculpting can do for you, schedule your consultation with the skilled and caring providers at Miracle Hills Primary Care today!